Sample Tea-Tasting Notes

Creme Brulee flavored Pu erh
Definitely smells of pu erh. It's a very light pu erh flavor, which could be a good introduction to pu erh since it doesn't have a strong musty flavor. Couldn't really taste any creme brulee notes, even after adding sugar & cream. Not good enough for PTH.

Raspberry-flavored Green tea
Initial taste is a faint raspberry which gives way to a light green tea vegetal/grassiness. Aftertaste is a good blend of the raspberry and green tea. Almost like a raspberry cream. This one has potential.

Fru-Tea Rings herbal tea
Definitely evokes the cereal but a lighter flavor. Has a slight flowery aftertaste. Potential candidate.

Hunan Red Oolong
Slight toasty, dusty/earthy flavor. Fairly strong oolong flavor but more on the "black tea" side of things, although still smooth. Slightly astringent aftertaste.

Pecan Pastry Green Tea
Initial Pecan taste but buttery throughout. Like, really buttery. Reminds me of our butter truffle black tea. Don't even really notice any green tea flavor. Unlikely to be a good fit due to the overpowering butter flavor.

Chocolate Strawberry herbal
It has cocoa pieces but they must have chocolate flavoring as well. It's hard to find good chocolate flavoring. I'm afraid this tea is not the one.

Narcissus oolong
Nice golden color. Spicy start which gives way to kind of a funky oolong flavor (in a good way). It is certainly unique.

Tropical White Tea
Almost misjudged it based on the (almost non-existent) dry tea smell. Good tea, naturally light since it's a white tea but good. Supposed to have hints of cocoa, pomegranate, and vanilla. I get more grape flavors initially but a slight vanilla finish. Good but too similar to our existing white grape and pomegranate dragonfruit.

Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong
It's a good oolong. Lighter in flavor. Earthy and a very slight astringent taste (as in you won't notice until after a couple sips).

Blueberry Pie Green Tea
Lighter blueberry flavor gives way to kind of a buttery pastry-like flavor. It's a good blend between fruity and neutral flavoring. Not much green tea flavor though. It must be dependent on the scoop because the second cup has a more robust blueberry flavor.

Cream Earl Grey White tea
Bergamot flavor hits you first and mostly throughout. Very slight white tea flavor. Astringent aftertaste. Not bad but not my favorite. We'll see how the other ones go...

Bergamot white tea
Initial bergamot flavor that quickly gives way to a nice smooth white tea flavor. Then a light bergamot ending. Better than the previous.

Cinnamon Green Tea
Strong cinnamon flavor upfront. Almost red-hot candy-like. But not as spicy. Not much green tea flavor but that is some good tasting cinnamon.

Darjeeling White Tea
Very light in flavor. As in I have to swish it around my mouth before noticing the earthy notes that give way to kind of a tropical mango-y flavor. Slight astringent finish.

Raspberry Lemonade herbal
Nice and tart but can still taste the raspberry.

Almond Amaretto rooibos
I can't tell you much because tuna and onion sandwich is overpowering the flavors.

Crested Crane Pai Mu Tan
Wanted to give this Kenyan white tea a chance. Interesting leaf cut, beautiful caramel color when steeped. A little more astringent than other white teas. Good light flavor where I get a maltiness and some caramel. The "official" tasting notes indicate there should be some peachy notes. They're wrong. Or they have a better palate than I but...

That's a lot of Nuts! tea
Nutty but also buttery. But very light in flavor. Except for the butter flavor. Probably not going to make it. Nut teas are hard.

Sowmee Fujian White tea
Very light in flavor. As in, where is the flavor. At least it's nice and smooth. Good mouth feel.

Orange/vanilla herbal tea
Kind of get an orange flavor in the beginning. But it's not very flavorful.

Strawberry Lemon herbal tea
Flowery Strawberry taste which gives it a fake character. Can't even really taste the lemon, except maybe in the aftertaste. Overall impression is that of fake chocolate. Not PTH material.

Mandarin & Moringa herbal tea
Not a strong mandarin flavor but naturally sweet. Taste fades quickly.

Pecan Pie Rooibos
I'm beginning to think my taste isn't as strong as it used to be because this one is weak flavored as well. Strong rooibos taste upfront and the pecan flavor creeps in the back. There's also a slight creamy sweetness (buttery is a good term I suppose) that lingers.

Passion fruit green tea
Light flavor. Not a bad flavor. Slightly astringent.

Hibiscus and caramel fruit tea (I don't know what to call it)
You get the hibiscus tang up front but then you notice the smooth caramel flavor in the background. Lovely color. Unique enough for a consideration.

Toffee Apple herbal tea
Unique color of brew. Like a brownish grey with purple highlights. Good for Halloween. Tangy apple flavor is bolstered by that creamy, almost nutty toffee flavor.

Almond Cake black tea
Almond flavor gets to your taste buds first. There is a slight buttery flavor on the back end and an astringent finish. Cream and sugar might really drive home the cake part. And it does (tried on the second tasting).

Raspberry Cream green tea
Good blend between raspberry and cream. Neither one overpowers, but works in harmony.

Cardamon & Pistachio cream green/black tea
Not very flavorful. It's smooth, with little astringency but the cream is more of a mouthfeel and I don't even taste the pistachio.

Ginger Strawberry herbal tea
Strong, spicy ginger flavor. A little bit of strawberry on the back. But definitely ginger forward.

Almond Lemon Cake black tea
Very strong lemon flavor. Not tart lemon, more like a cream lemon. Not much of a black tea flavor but that probably doesn't matter since the lemon flavor is so good.

Pumpkin herbal tea
Actually a good pumpkin flavor but you also get some cinnamon. Plus it comes with spooky sugar eyes to sweeten it more (and it's fun!).

Lavender Lime Mint black tea
Mostly mint flavor. There's a bit of lime and I don't really taste any lavender but maybe it's there as support.

Raspberry Mochi fruit tea
Nice creamy raspberry flavor. It's not an overpowering raspberry. Probably makes a really good iced tea.

Dark Chocolate black tea
A little bitter. Also, kind of get a fake chocolate taste. Not too bad with cream and sugar though.

Ginger Lemon Basil
The ginger and basil are a good pairing as they match each other well, hitting your taste buds at the same time, dancing upon your tastebuds in a soft lemon glow.

Pear green/white tea
A nice smooth green/white tea blend. A little tea flavor comes through since the pear is on the lighter side. A good, light sipping tea.

Lemon Tart black tea
Nice lemon flavor but not in the sour way. Naturally sweet with a slight nutty finish.

Blueberry violet herbal tea
It tastes like herbal tea. Not much blueberry or violet flavor.

Citrus jasmine white/green tea
It's a pretty homogenous flavor. The jasmine and citrus blend together so that not one flavor is dominant. I don't get much jasmine flavor though there is a slight citrus aftertaste.

Pomegranate Lime herbal tea
Nice lime flavor with a finish of pomegranate.

Mint herbal tea
Nice mint flavor. Mostly peppermint but has a sweet mint finish.

Eucalyptus Aloe Manuka
Eucalyptus flavor upfront but not overpowering. Aloe is pretty nonexistant because it's aloe and I don't know what manuka tastes like. Actually not bad for a "wellness" tea.

Monk's Blend white tea
Light flavor. There's an initial hint of vanilla then it fades into white tea.