We're rebranding!

The main reason we wanted to rebrand was to show our recommittment to Potter's Tea House. We got a little side-tracked this summer catching up on projects and activities that we were ignoring for the last 3 years we had the storefront.

It's not a huge deal since our products will remain the same but there will be a few changes you'll be seeing.

New logo!
This was a tough one but necessary. We'll always have a soft spot for our original logo; unfortunately, it doesn't really represent where we are now: as a primarily online and national business.

New bags!
This one is more in response to our responsibilities as a business. We'll be moving from our colored plastic pouches to a compostable paper pouch because we wanted to have a more sustainable packaging option. Plus, it's nice to have a more consistent package. Don't worry, we'll still try to make it easy to identify the type of tea at a glance.

A blog!
Which you're currently experiencing! It will be mostly recipes, experiments, and other general information. Haven't decided on how personal and in-depth we want to get so...maybe just that but we'll probably let our customers weigh in on it at some point.

Social Media!
This one will be tough since we're not good at that thing. But, by golly-gee, we'll make an effort. Not going to lie, it's probably going to be pretty lame in the beginning until we get better at it but it definitely won't be a major part of our business...until we go viral then we'll sell out while raking in that internet money (just kidding).