We've added some new features to the store!

First, and arguably most important, a point system. Get 1 point for every $1 spent! $10 discount with 100 points! And we can do other things with points!
We've already added points for any previous orders placed. It's based on email address so if you hadn't created an account before and placed an order, you were not included. Create an account and let us know and we should be able to add the points for you (assuming we can find your previous order history).
Bonus - we'll give you 20 points on your birthday. Just because we think you're worth it.

Refer-a-friend! Not only do you introduce them to a small business that provides delicious tea, you also get 34 points! That's a weird number but, if 3 of your friends place an order you get 10 points ($10) toward an order. That's at least an ounce of tea. And your friends will probably bump you up to best friend because you introduced them to delicious tea.
Just open the rewards tab (right side of webpage) and the "Refer a Friend" option is under the "Earn Potter's Tea Points" tab.

You can now leave a review on tea ordered! Tell complete strangers what you think about the tea. We actually think this is a really good feature for our customers since there's so many different teas. So, for now, we're also going to bribe you in to leaving reviews. Get 20 points for each review (up to 5 times).

A wishlist! You can save teas in which you are interested. I guess you can also see how many people have wishlisted a particular tea. So that might be helpful.

You can now log in with social media account! It's more convenient for you...maybe. It's just an option that we thought might be helpful.

And because you actually read the blog, I'm going to let you in on some super secret information. We're almost ready to go mobile. That means we'll have a booth-like setup where we can sell tea...but also serve tea. If you have any thoughts on where you would like us to setup (cause we have no idea), let us know.