Tea isn’t just for drinking. It’s also for…drinking…but in a different way.

Who is this for?
Somebody who likes to spice things up. Keep things interesting. Blaze trails. Or wants to show their frenemy that they too can put together a cool, interesting brunch too, Sam.

Iced tea (see our previous post here)
Sparkling wine
Sweetener (optional)

Add 1 part iced tea to glass
Add 1 part sparkling wine to glass
[optional] Add a dash of sweetener.

Teas we found that work well:
Orange Creamsicle rooibos
Happy Colada fruit tea
Blueberry Violet herbal tea

Notes from the expert:

This recipe is highly variable based on your tastes, so have fun with it. We won’t judge you if it’s 3 parts sparkling wine to 1 part tea.

We found that sweetener cuts the dryness of the sparkling wine and emboldens the sweeter tea flavors. But that’s why it’s optional, just in case you like a dryer wine or the unsweetened tea profile.

If you know you like it sweeter, add sugar as you’re making the tea. Then you don’t have to do it at that time of making the teamosa.
A simple syrup works best if you’re adding at the time. Just a dash is usually enough. But pour it in if you like it sweet.