How to: Iced Tea

You'll probably want to read our blog post here on how to make hot tea since we reference it.

You can fudge the steeping times with iced tea a little more since ice calms down the bitterness a little.


On-Demand Iced Tea

2 tsp tea
4 oz water
Steep like a hot tea
Sweeten to taste
Pour over ice (which will melt and dilute the flavor). Then add more ice to keep cold.

- We like to use a cocktail shaker filled with ice because it's nice and easy. Pour the hot tea in, swirl it around (don't shake as the pressure will cause it to leak a bit) and pour into an ice-filled cup.
- Cane syrup (or simple syrup) is easiest to deal with since you can add it at any time. If you're using solid sweetener, it's better to add it while it's hot since it dissolves easier.


Chill Time
If you've got time, you can make a regular cup of tea and put it in the fridge until it chills.

1 tsp
8 oz water
Steep like a hot tea

We like to double the tea, making it a little stronger, so we can just add some water when we make a cup. That way we don't have to make it as often.


Cold Brew Iced Tea
If you actually plan in advance, you can cold brew tea. You'll get a milder flavor, nothing as dramatic as cold brewing coffee but could be a nice, easy-drinking addition to your summer.

1 tsp tea
8 oz cold water
Let it sit in the fridge for 8-24 hours.

We found there wasn't a dramatic change of flavor between 8 and 24 hours. So you can just throw it in the fridge overnight and enjoy tea the next day.
You can also just throw the leaves in the container for however long it takes you to drink it because it won't get bitter.